Gilcher emigrants

in the emigration index of the Institute for Palatine History, Kaiserslautern

- (as of date 15 June 2001 ; in brackets: Gilcher family system numbers) -

e.g.: Peter Gilcher below was the 4th child of his father; his father was the 6th child; grandfather was 7th child in his father's family etc. Whenever a system number is missing, descendancy has not or not fully been researched yet.

1. Adolf GILCHER ( of Essweiler district of Kusel, musician (violinist),

          son of Michael GILCHER and Elisabeth WIRTH,
          born 13 FEB 1859 Essweiler, died 23 APR 1950 Ogdensburg, N.Y., USA,
          married to Frances Marg. UMBRECHT (her mother was a born SAMSEL)
          born 13 NOV 1859 Albany, N.Y., died 10 JUN 1916 Syracuse, N.Y.

          emigrated to USA in 1873 (application 7.1.1873, permission 22.2.1873)

children: Harry Adolph born 25 JUL 1886, died 16 DEC 1958 Syracuse, N.Y.
Marie Elisabeth, organ player, * 31 JUL 1893 Syracuse, d.27 JUL 1974 Texas
(sources: W.Gilcher, Ithaca, N.Y., QAF-Gilcher(Scherer)
2. Amalie GILCHER ( of Essweiler, district of Kusel, daughter of Jakob GILCHER and Karolina KOCH,
born 11. JUN 1877 Boston, Mass., died Sept. 1953 Los Angeles, Ca.,
married to Albert BATES (died 23 APR 1962 Los Angeles, Ca.)
After her parents' deaths, she followed her grandfather Michael GILCHER to Essweiler,
where she grew up.
In 1895 she returned to Boston, to her uncle August GILCHER; from there to California.

(source W.Gilcher, Ithaca N.Y., QAF-Gilcher (Scherer).

3. Anna Margaretha GILCHER ( of Aschbach, district of Kusel, daughter of Simon-Peter GILCHER and Margarethe WOLL,
born 16 AUG 1801 Aschbach, died 19 JAN 1835 Millstadt, Illinois, USA,
married 17 MAY 1821 Spesbach,Pfalz: Nicolaus SCHMALENBERGER,
born 8 DEC 1799 Schrollbach, died 23 FEB 1862 Millstadt/St.Clair, Illinois, USA,

emigrated in  fall  1834 (source: registers of reformed church of Spesbach)

4. Anna Margaretha GILCHER ( of Essweiler, daughter of Joh.Peter GILCHER and Susanne KOCH,
born 5.AUG 1807 Essweiler,
first marriage: 4 DEC 1830,Essweiler,to Daniel SAMSEL, mason (born 25. AUG 1805)
second marriage: 29 JUN 1859 Sandusky,OH, to John KESSLER

emigrated to Sandusky Ohio, in 1854;

        (note: her two brothers Heinrich Jakob and Peter emigrated to Sandusky 21 years earlier,
        her mother 6 years earlier, after her husband's death,
        her sister Elisabeth,born 8 jun 1809, married to Franz WENZ emigrated to Sandusky, as well.
        Only one sister stayed in Germany.)

5. August GILCHER ( of Essweiler, musician (clarinetist)

        son of Michael GILCHER and Maria Elisabetha WIRTH,
        born 23. MAY 1868 Essweiler, died 21 MAY 1946 Boston, Mass.,
        married 16 SEP 1892 USA to Elisabeth SCHUFF
        (born 16 SEP 1872 Monsheim, died 8 JAN 1955 Boston, Mass.)

        emigrated to the USA with his father Michael in the 1870ies.
        The 1880 US Census lists him as attending school in Boston.
        Cp. siblings: Adolf, Caroline, Jakob, Johann and Wilhelmine Gilcher.
        (sources: QAF-Gilcher(Scherer/Paul); W.Gilcher, Ithaca N.Y.,USA;)

6. Caroline GILCHER (2.2.7. from Essweiler/district of Kusel

        daughter of Michael GILCHER and Maria Elisabetha WIRTH
        born 24 MAR 1858 Essweiler , died November 1925 in Wilton, New Hampshire,
        married to Jakob DICK, musician,
        (born 10 June 1853 Wolfstein/Pfalz, died 17 Oct 1916 presumably in Wilton,

        emigrated around 1870 ? (the source has already got a question mark on that date)
        Cp. siblings Adolf, August, Jakob, Johann and Wilhelmine Gilcher.
        (sources: QAF-Gilcher (Scherer); W.Gilcher, Ithaca, N.Y.,USA;)

7. Christian GILCHER ( of Bosenbach,

Son of Christian GILCHER and Jakobine HÖBEL,
married to Elisabeth SCHMIDT (6.Oct.1813),
applied for the permission to emigrate (to Poland?) (23 AUG 1816, Kaiserslautern);
(source: "Der Anzeiger von Kaiserslautern, Jahrgang 181")
(note: He seems to have stayed in Bosenbach, though, as two children were born there,
a son in 1819 and a daughter in 1820 who married there in 1839)
8. Daniel GILCHER ( farm-laborer from Horschbach, district of Kusel Son of Jakob GILCHER and Katharina DIEHL,
born 14 DEC 1823 Horschbach, died 6 OCT 1893 Syracuse N.Y.

emigrated to USA after 1851, before 1864

Sources: division of the Jakob Gilcher estate; document of 13 JUN 1864 (Rheinland-Pfalz archives Speyer, Notariat Wolfstein); genealogy of Roland PAUL,
letter of Linus Cave 6 MAY 1987)

9. Daniel GILCHER ( barber and musician from Lohnweiler near Lauterecken

        Son of shepherd Peter GILCHER and Margarethe called Elisabeth EDINGER.
        born 21 SEP 1842 Lohnweiler,
        1861  in England as a travelling musician

        emigrated 25 JAN 1866 (Le Havre - New York).

        He came back to the Pfalz 31 JAN 1898 and was sentenced to serve 5 months in prison,
        because he had used rough language against the German Emperor in a Kaiserslautern
        inn. (source: Pfaelzische Volkszeitung 15 FEB 1898).
        In the Ellis Island records, we find the immigration of a 56-year-old Daniel Gilcher in
        1898, whose residence is "Honneke", PA (= misspelled for Carnegie, Pa.). This is the
        Lohnweiler Daniel Gilcher again who returned to America for good after this bad
        experience with the lacking freedom of speech in the new German Empire.
        He was naturalized in 1872. He operated a barber shop in Carnegie. The 1920 Census
        finds him still in Carnegie ,  retired at age 77, there also his son Daniel , a barber.

10. Daniel GILCHER ( from Horschbach district of Kusel

Son of Daniel GILCHER II and Katharina GILCHER,
born 20 JUL 1831 Horschbach,

emigrated to the USA in 1851,

(source: Kusel District Administration, box no.188/A 1024)
No further hints found so far.

11.Dorothea GILCHER ( from Thallichtenberg (district of Birkenfeld) Married to Heinrich HELFENSTEIN,
emigrated to Sao Leopoldo, RGDS, Brazil in 1827
(source: Wolf, German Immigrants to Sao Leopoldo 1824 - 1937,ed. 1964)
12. Ella GILCHER born KAISER married to Heinrich GILCHER,

        born 10 NOV 1902 Theisbergstegen , district of Kusel, ev.,
        emigrated to the USA in 1923, visited Germany several times
        lived 473 Central Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11200, (address valid until 1965)
        source: Anna Rothaar, Storchenstr.12, Homburg
        Ellis Island records show a Heinrich Gilcher from Essweiler as an emigrant of the year
        1922, 25 years old . This may match ( not checked  yet, though).

13.Franz GILCHER ( from Lauterecken

Son of baker Peter GILCHER and Philippina METTEL
(daughter of baker and inn-keeper Friedrich Adam Mettel),
born 2 APR 1838 in Lauterecken,
married Caroline NUETZEL from Landau/Pfalz in 1865,
emigrated (year unknown) to Danville, KY, USA
Source: his silver wedding mentioned in "Der Pfaelzer in Amerika" 44/1890, p.5

14. Friedrich GILCHER ( from Wahnwegen

Son of Philipp GILCHER (Thallichtenberg branch of the Oberalben Gilchers) and Elisabeth,
daughter of Andreas GOETTEL of Wahnwegen,
born 6 JUL 1802 Wahnwegen, married 1 JUL 1828 Luise METZGER b.7 AUG 1803,
emigrated to Fearing Township, Ohio, USA in 1847 (9 children)
(sources : letter of Edward Schrom Harrisburg,PA.(1998), letter of Marguerite Gilcher-Burge, Dover, Idaho).
15. Friedrich Adam GILCHER ( from Lauterecken, baker, Son of baker Peter GILCHER and Philippina METTEL
   (daughter of baker and inn-keeper Friedrich Adam Mettel),
born 27 MAR 1835 in Lauterecken,
emigrated to the USA in 1853 (permission of 24 OCT 1853). Had 200 fl money for the voyage. (Sources: Zink, Erdesbach 10 MAY 1941/ Lauterecken chronicle of 1969,p.97)
16. Georg GILCHER ( , musician from Rossbach , Son of Georg GILCHER (Rossbach branch of the Essweiler Gilchers) & Elisabeth JUNG,
Born 27 DEC 1848, married in Wolfstein (ev) 20 DEC 1879 Elisabeth CHRISTMANN
(source: "Die Pfalz am Rhein" of 1 JUN 1932 by principal teacher Spriessler.)
This was no emigration case, but just professional travels of a travelling musician.
The Ellis Island records show this Georg both in 1892 and 1894, his family stayed in Rossbach: his sons Otto and Georg Ludwig married there in 1909, resp. 1910. Both were musicians by profession, too.
17. Hans Jacob GILCHER ( GUELCHER) (2.1) from Nerzweiler, Kusel distr.

        Son of Michael GUELCHER and Elisabeth KLEEMANN,
        baptized 6 Oct 1671 Nerzweiler,
        died in America,
        married 2 Oct 1696  Christina Salome MACK, born 7 Feb 1669,
        emigrated "to the new land" with his son Thomas in 1744 (at age 72!)
        (source: Penns. German Society 1936; W Hacker: Auswanderer aus der Rheinpfalz)

18. Heinrich GILCHER from Essweiler

        son of Jakob GILCHER (cabinetmaker, carpenter) and Kartharina DEGEN,
        emigrated to the USA 1921/23
        (source: note by Hans Gilcher ,Essweiler 16.12.1991)
        note: he did not come through Ellis Island

        Heinrich GILCHER (b.1775) from Bosenbach see No.41.

19. Hermann GILCHER (      ?       ) from Essweiler

        solo clarinetist in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
        Chicago, Illinois, USA; no further data given
        (source: Emil Strauss, Kusel, 1952

20. Hermine GILCHER ( from Essweiler, Kusel district

        daughter of August GILCHER and Elisabeth SCHOTT (sic) (or SCHUFF?)
        granddaughter of musician Michael Gilcher,
        born ? (after 1892!)
        address until 1980: West Roxbury, Mass. 02132, USA
        (source: QAF- Gilcher ( Paul)

21. Jakob GILCHER, "from the Kusel region"

        searched by Mrs. Magdalene GILCHER of Hachenbach through German consulate
        New York in 1879
        (source: M.Geh. St.-Archiv, M.A.1913, Fasz. 6/45)

22. Jakob GILCHER ( from Essweiler, distr. Kusel, musician ( flutist),

        son of musician Michael GILCHER and Elisabetha WIRTH
        born 9 Oct 1852 Essweiler, died 26 Jul 1880 Boston Mass., USA,
        married to Karolina KOCH (18 Sep 1851 - 16 Dec 1879) ; child Amalia 1873;
        she"secretly" emigrated to USA in around 1873, ("secretly" in the papers means:
        without prior official permission of authorities).
        One of 4 brothers and 2 sisters who emigrated to the USA. See also Johann, Adolph,
        August, Carolina, Wilhelmina and Michael Gilcher.
        (source: QAF Gilcher: Karl Scherer notes; Wm.Gilcher Ithaca,NY,USA)

23. Jacob GILCHER ( from Horschbach, distr. Kusel

        son of Joh. Daniel GILCHER II., and Catharina GILCHER
        born 7 Oct 1833 in Horschbach
        emigrated to the USA in 1853.
        His elder brother Daniel emigrated two years earlier.
        (source: Archives of the district administration of Kusel, box 189/A 1026/2)

24. Jacob GILCHER (GILGER, GILDER) ( from Essweiler, distr. Kusel

        son of Johannes GILCHER and Maria Catharina SAMSEL
        born 2 Jul 1805, confirmed 1819 at Hinzweiler church,
        emigrated in 1833 to the USA (20 miles from Sandusky, OH)
        married in Richland Co.,OH, 31 Mar 1836: Philippina DICK
        (source: QAF - Gilcher: letter of descendant Larry R. Gilger, 1969)
        Latest research (dec. 2001) in the Cusel district archives shows that he emigrated in Nov 1827
        when he was 22, unmarried, and a soldier of the 12th Infantry Regiment on steady leave, without
        any possessions.
        In the night from the 6th to the 7th of November 1827,  4 Essweiler  families (25 souls) emigrated
        without permission.

(25.) Jacob GILCHER ( ) from Rathsweiler, near Ulmet, distr. Kusel, a barber

        According to the source (magazine: "Der Pfaelzer in Amerika no.37/1895, page 5)
        he is said to have been born in 1835 and to have emigrated in 1849 and to have been
        married to Mary HENN, 2 children, one called Ida.
        But there was no such person born in Rathsweiler in 1835. The source is definitely
        wrong in this case.
        A Jacob Gilcher, born 1835, who emigrated, came from Horschbach (,  went to
        Syracuse like his three uncles of the Gilcher family. His son was George A. Gilger, a wholesale
        grocer, and his daughter was indeed Ida Gilger. So the source referred to this Jacob Gilcher of
        the Horschbach branch, who had followed his uncles to Syracuse.

        Jacob Gilcher of Rathsweiler, the barber, was born 23 Apr 1859, emigrated in the
        1880ies and lived in Syracuse N.Y, where also his sister Katharina Gilcher married
        KREISCHER lived (emigr. 1883) and his brother Carl GILCHER, a shoemaker.
        Presumably Jacob Gilcher of this source is identical with the following:

26. Jacob GILCHER ( from Rathsweiler, near Ulmet, distr. Kusel
        a barber of profession,
        son of Abraham GILCHER and Louisa HAESEL,
        born 23 Apr 1859 Rathsweiler
        married 25 May 1886 in Syracuse, N.Y.: Marie Louise GRUB from Ulmet,
        died 1926 in Syracuse.
        (sources: "Syracuse Union" of the 27.5.1886, letter of William Gilcher in 1989, and
        Michelle Stone: Syracuse burials)

27.Jacob GILCHER ( of Essweiler, district of Kusel, musician,

son of Peter Jacob GILCHER and Charlotte JUNKMANN,
born 8 JAN 1843 Essweiler, died 1 MAR 1874 New York, N.Y.,
married to Philippina ARENDT,
died in the USA as a traveling musician. His mother, Charlotte Junkmann,
died in Louisville, USA (before 1882)

(sources: Westricher Kalender 1959 p.80, William Gilcher, USA,; Essweiler civil register)

28. Johann Adam GILCHER ( from Horschbach, district of Kusel,
        son of Johann Jacob GILCHER II., farmer (died 1864) and Maria Katharina DIEHL,
        born 14 May 1819 Horschbach
        emigrated to New York / USA in 1848 or earlier
        1864: without a known address in the USA
        (sources: document of full powers dated 19 Oct 1848 in New York,
        division of Jacob Gilcher estate 13 Jun 1864, documents of Notary's
        office of Wolfstein in Rheinland-Pfalz archives Speyer)

29. Johann GILCHER ( from Essweiler, distr. Kusel, musician ( clarinetist),
        son of musician Michael GILCHER and Elisabetha WIRTH
        born 19 Nov 1850 Essweiler, died 3 Jun 1924 near Boston Mass., USA
        married to Karolina KRIEGER (5 Oct 1856 - 5 Sep 1928) ;
        emigrated to USA in around 1870.
        One of 4 brothers and 2 sisters who emigrated to the USA. See also Jakob, Adolph,
        August, Carolina, Wilhelmina and Michael Gilcher.
        (source: QAF Gilcher: Karl Scherer notes; W.Gilcher Ithaca,NY,USA)

30. Johannes GILCHER ( from Rossbach near Wolfstein, district of Kusel
        son of Jacob GILCHER from Essweiler and Barbara SCHERER,
        born 6 Nov 1824, death unknown, married 7 Mar 1848 Rossbach: Maria Elisabeth
        DIEHL, widow FECHTER, born 2 Mar 1815 Oberweiler im Tal,
        granddaughter of Michael Diehl and Elisabeth Gilcher, Horschbach
        application 2 MAY 1853 to emigrate to North America; reason: improvement of
        material situation
        (source: Theodor Zink, Erdesbach, 1941)
        additional information: the family had three children Elisabeth, 1849, Johannes 1850,
        and Magdalena 1852; they emigrated to the USA with three stepsons Heinrich,
        Jakob and Johannes FECHTER in 1853.

31. Julius GILCHER from Essweiler,
        son of Jakob Gilcher, joiner/cabinetmaker and Katharina DEGEN
        emigrated between 1921 and 1923 (estimated)
        (source: letter of Hans Gilcher 16.12.1991)

32.Maria Elisabeth GILCHER, married WENZ ( from Essweiler, distr. Kusel,
        daughter of Johannes Gilcher and Catharina SAMSEL
        born 8 Jun 1809, died in Pa./USA,
        married 12 Dec 1828: Peter WENZ from Essweiler
                                                born 17 Dec 1798 Essweiler

        emigrated about 1853 to Pennsylvania / USA

        (source: letter of Charles H. Engle, 23.11.1922, who wanted to know exact emigr date)

33. Michael GILCHER ( from Essweiler, distr. Kusel,
        son of Johannes Gilcher    and Elisabeth SAMSEL ;
        musician, composer, band-leader, one of the first professional traveling Palatine
        musicians , later mayor of his home village Essweiler,
        born 30 Dec 1822 Essweiler, died 20 Mar 1899 Essweiler,
        married 12 Feb 1850 Marie Elisabeth WIRTH from Rothselberg, born 15 Sep 1826,
        died 5 Apr 1897 Essweiler,
        played in Scotland, South America, Australia, emigrated to the USA and returned later
        in life to become the mayor of Essweiler.
        6 of his 8 children emigrated to the USA, his eldest son Adam kept the farm, his eldest
        daughter Philippina BERNHARDT married and stayed in Essweiler.
        His life is partly described in the book "Kuckuksruf und Nachtigall" by Marliese
        Fuhrmann, ed. 2000; he is included in the exhibition of the "Musicians' Museum" in
        the castle of Burglichtenberg near Kusel (source: QAF Gilcher, Karl Scherer notes)

34.Oswald GILCHER, musician of Rossbach (district of Kusel)

1903 in USA , 1907 - 1910 in Russia
(source: "Die Pfalz am Rhein" 1.6.1932, Hauptlehrer Sprißler )
This is no case of emigration, the report just mentions those of Wolfstein/Rossbach
who had travelled to foreign countries.

The Ellis Island records don't show any Oswald Gilcher , only Otto Gilcher.

35.Otto GILCHER from Essweiler,
        son of Jakob Gilcher, carpenter/cabinetmaker and Katharina DEGEN
        emigrated between 1921 and 1923 (estimated)
        (source: letter of Hans Gilcher Essweiler, 16.12.1991)

36.Otto GILCHER, emigrated from Saarbrücken to the USA
        address 1938: Floral Park, L.I. N.Y., 196, Tulip Ave.
        (source: Adam Metz, New York, 1938)

37.Peter GILCHER ( son of Peter Gilcher and Susanna KOCH,
        born 12 May 1812 Essweiler /distr. Kusel, carpenter, died 3 Jul 1877 Sandusky
        married 2 May 1837 Barbara BOOS
        emigrated in spring 1833 to USA; settled in Sandusky OH
        on the same ship: Friedrich Rheinheimer, Johannes Fehrenz of Welchweiler, Jacob
        Schuck; (source: Sandusky Then and Now, p.103)
        his brother Heinrich Gilcher, *19.10.1804 and his cousin Jacob Gilcher *2.7.1805
        emigrated with him (source Larry R. Gilger 1970)

38.Susanne GILCHER, born KOCH (married to of Essweiler/Kusel,
        born FEB 1783 Kreimbach/Pfalz, died 28 APR 1875 Sandusky, OH,
        daughter of Heinrich KOCH and Elisabeth KELLER of Kreimbach,
        married 2 MAY 1807 Johann Peter GILCHER IV of Essweiler,
        born 29 NOV 1778 Essweiler, died 3 JUN 1848 Essweiler.
        Essweiler civil register states in 1851 that she "secretly emigrated to the USA in 1848",
        (sources: Zink, Erdesbach; civil register of Essweiler)

39.Thomas GILCHER (2.1.3) from Nerzweiler distr.Kusel,
        son of Hans Jakob Gilcher and Christina Salome MACK,
        baptized 1703, married 1733 to Margaretha REISS (Reuss) daughter of Jacob REISS
        of Oberweiler im Tal (Jacob Reiss died before August 1757; inheritance division; documents !),
        emigrated to America in 1744 with 6 children and his old father.

(sources: QAF-Reiss; 9.3.1937; Penns.Germ.Society 1936)

40.Wilhelmina GILCHER ( of Essweiler/Kusel, called "Minnie"
        daughter of Michael GILCHER and Elisabeth WIRTH
        born 15 JUN 1866 Essweiler, died 1 DEC 1940 Boston , Mass.,USA,
        married 4 OCT 1890 USA: Johannes WEICHEL, musician (fagott),
        born 15 JAN 1866 near Kusel/Wolfstein, died 27 JAN 1942 Boston, Mass.

emigrated in 1883, John Weichel in 1889,

children: Minnie, born JAN 1891, married WELLS, Buffalo, died 7 DEC 1974
                Helen E., born 6 Nov. 1893 Dadham, Mass.,
                Clara A. DEC 1896, married to Frederick LEON Dadham, Mass.,

(sources: W.Gilcher, Ithaca, N.Y., Ellis Island records)
Note: there were more Gilcher emigrations from the Palatinate which have, up to now,
not been entered in the card index of the Institute yet.

As time permits, I'll add those that I know of to this database.

41. Heinrich GILCHER (
      born March 29, 1775  Essweiler, son of Johannes Guelcher and Katharina Martin.
      Married to Margarethe KILIAN from Bosenbach, a cooper by profession, lived
      in Bosenbach. Emigrated without permission in the night of the 6th to the 7th of November 1827,
      destination: Brasil. With him : his wife and 3 children:
      Jakob, a tailor, born in 1805,
      Philipp, a cooper, born in 1811,
      Margaret, without a profession, born in 1814
      His eldest daughter Charlotte, born 1798, married (1817) to Johannes PFEIFFER, a linnenweaver,
      emigrated  that night as well, with her husband and 3 children.

42. Louisa GILCHER  ( from Rathsweiler,
        daughter of Peter GILCHER and Luise GRILL,
        emigrated in 1854 to the USA (Ship Juventa from Le Havre to NY, arrival 19.6.1854) shortly after her
        two-year-old daughter had died (March 54). She went to Racine, Wisconsin and married German
        emigrant   Karl EMRICH. Her sister Elisabeth later emigrated to Racine, WI as well.

43. Maria Elisabeth GILCHER ( from Rathsweiler,
        daughter of Peter GILCHER and Luise GRILL,
        emigrated in 1857 to the USA (Ship Havre from Le Havre to NY, arrival 23.4.1857) at age 24;
        presumably followed her sister Louisa. She married John RENNER.